About Peter Strid

Peter Strid is a formally trained artist with a BA in Studio Art and Minor Art History from Colgate University.  Peter lives in the Main Line area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.   

Peter grew up in an environment that embraced the value of fine art. At an early age Peter would spend time alongside his grandmother, Eve Strid who was an accomplished oil painter watching her creative process unfold.  When asked “where do you get it?”  Peter’s response would be: “From Gramma Evie...She was great artist.”  

At the age of 9 Peter and his family spent time in Maine where he met and became quick friends with accomplished artist Greg Mort, whose work hangs in the White House, Smithsonian and various prestigious galleries around the world.  It was then that the seed was planted; Being an artist could be a real profession.  

Peter spent years in a traditional corporate environment where he excelled in sales, all the while keeping up with his passion of painting as his “side hustle”.

What's Next?

Like something you see? Contact me. We all need better Art in our lives. Your walls should be weird. Surround yourself with meaning.

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