Bar Art & Vintage Poster Inspiration (Video Inside)

As an artist, I find myself drawn to the beauty of old French bistro style posters. There's something about the way they capture the essence of a place and time that speaks to me. As an example, famous French artist Jules Chéret created some amazingly vivid promotional art posters for the cabarets and music halls. 

Perhaps it's the vibrant colors and bold typography, or the way they advertise the simple pleasures of life: a cabaret, glass of wine, a plate of cheese, and good company. A reminder that art doesn't have to be serious or complex to be impactful. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most beautiful.

"Pink with Veuve" - Limited Edition Print

When I create my own art, I try to capture the same spirit of joy and celebration that I see in these old posters. I want my work to evoke a sense of nostalgia and longing for a time that may or may not have existed. I want people to look at my art and feel like they're being transported to another place and time.

"Pink Rides Hermes" 20" x 24" 

There's also something romantic about the idea of an old French bistro. I can imagine myself sitting at a small table, sipping a glass of red wine, and watching the world go by.

Another category of promotional poster art and favorite genre of mine are the classic Grand Prix Racing Posers.  In this recent piece, I have uses the classic promotional poster of Famous Formula One Driver James Hunt, highlighting his 1976 win.  You'll notice his McLaren F1 Race car is painted over the alcohol ads of an old Playboy Magazine!

Recently I was asked to commission a special "Bistro Style" Aperol Spritz themed painting.  The direction was loosely: "An Aperol bottle in the summer in the "bistro poster" style in some irreverent form"  Here was my response.  The collector was thrilled and so was I!

My most recent work seen here in this video takes the classic poster idea and mashes it with many of my favorite subjects.  The Hermes icon with Pink Panther pouring the Veuve Clicquot Champagne  over it.  Check out this video of the process:


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