Oil Painting Bottles - Behind the Commissions

I'm often approached to produce commissioned art work.  Frequently, those requests are for bottles...liquor bottles.  Sometimes brands contact me directly, other times individuals reach out to request commissions of their favorite bottle.  Most often the bottle has significant meaning that goes deeper than just the brand itself, but carries a significance representing something more...a memory, a loved one, a special occasion or a private reason.

I love getting into these requests to dive into "why".  I can't help but keep the thoughts of my client in my head as I work on the piece.  It helps me focus on the work to make sure the client will love the outcome.

Here are a few examples of commission requests including some pics of works in progress:

J&B - A special brand that was someone's father's favorite drink.  This bottle reminded my client of the good times spent with their father. 


Howitzer Whiskey - The Makers reached out to ask for a painting for the launch of a new Whisky Brand in Canada!  Check out their website to learn about this amazing brand: Howitzer Whiskey

Casamigos - An anniversary gift, where the details on the bottle were altered slightly to reflect the Initials, Wedding Date and location.

La Croix - This was a commemorative gift for reaching a sober milestone.  La Croix is the favorite non-alcoholic beverage! 


All of these Paintings hold a significant meaning to the recipients. It's an amazing thing to be trusted with these important reflections of life for these art collectors.

In this video, I'm working on a really cool bottle of Jamison Irish Whiskey.  The client was working with an interior designer to build out a bar room in their house using purple accents throughout the new design.  I was asked to incorporate purple into the painting. As you can see there is a purple highlight to the black background that matches perfectly with their new design.  

If you are interested in checking out more of my Bottle Art, Click here to see available paintings and Limited edition prints of my work: Bottle Art

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