A Question About Abstract Art


I wonder what kind of art you have in your home?  I'd be willing to bet you have something "abstract" in nature.  Perhaps something that spoke to you with color, shape and a feeling?  Often times I see homes/rooms designed around a concept or even a specific painting. But more often I see art "slapped up" as an afterthought.  Does that piece mean more to you than just "it looks pretty in and matches my decor"?  Does it invoke something in you?  Does it cause a feeling?

Despite popular misconceptions, the creation of meaningful abstract art is one of the hardest things I've ever attempted.  There are many artists who solely produce a specific style of abstract art. Many of these artists have spent years developing a signature style that can sometimes be immediately recognizable. Here are four favorites of mine who are very well known and easily recognizable:


When I begin an "abstract" painting, I force myself to completely let go of any preconceived notion of what I'm about to create.  Often times, I'll start with an idea or concept...but as I progress through the work, I rarely hold true to that original intention.

"A Street In Paris" - 60" x 40" Mixed Media on Canvas 

My thought process behind the planning of a new painting is largely intuitive and organic. I begin by allowing myself to be inspired by the world around me, whether it be the natural landscape or the chaotic energy of the city. I then start to experiment with colors, shapes, and textures, allowing my instincts to guide me as I create a rough sketch or outline of the composition.

"I Promise" - 4' x 4' Acrylic on Canvas

However, as I begin to work on the painting itself, my plan often changes dramatically. I might find that a particular color or shape isn't working the way I had envisioned, or that the overall composition needs to be balanced in a different way. At this point, I have to let go of my original vision and allow the painting to take on a life of its own, responding to its own internal logic and energy.

"Room To Breathe" - 40" x 40" (Set in a Handmade Frame 43"x43") Oil on Canvas

Throughout the process, my mind is always focused on the emotions and sensations I want the painting to convey to the viewer. I might be striving to create a sense of movement or stillness, chaos or order, joy or melancholy. Ultimately, I hope that the viewer will be able to connect with the painting on a visceral level, experiencing a deep and intuitive response to its colors, shapes, and textures.

"Try It, You'll Like It" - 36" x 48" 

In this way, my process as an abstract painter is both deeply personal and deeply collaborative. I am creating a work of art that is born of my own experiences and emotions, but I am also inviting the viewer to bring their own perspectives and interpretations to the work, to create a rich and complex dialogue between artist and audience.

 "Continue" - 36" x 48"  Acrylic on Canvas

Leopard Abstract Oil on Canvas 36" x 48" 

"Stop Asking for Things" - Oil on Canvas 36" x 48" 

"We Were Tricked" 26" x 48" Mixed Media

So let me know...what kind of art do you look for? 

I hope you enjoy this selection of my abstract works.  Each of these paintings are available and each photo links directly to my Website for additional details.

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